In Full Color Printing, proofs matter

Full Color Poster; why you need a proof
Why Proofs Matter

Imagine if someone tried to sell you this full color poster with the sky green and the grass blue? Once you've held our full color proof in your hand and approved it, you know that won't happen.

Giving you the chance to view your proof and personally send your job on to the press is very important to us. Towards that end, a physical proof is included in every order that we process. Unfortunately, sometimes viewing that physical proof simply isn't possible, either because of distance or time. If for any reason it is not possible to view a physical proof, we will also provide you with as many digital proofs as you need.

For regular clients that we have set up a customer portal for, simply log in to view any proofs that are ready for you (you will be notified by email when one is available). For everyone else, our server will send you a notification email containing a link to download your proof. Either way, your proof is available to you 24 hours a day.